"Rescoring" in Tests & Quizzes in 2.5.4?

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"Rescoring" in Tests & Quizzes in 2.5.4?

Dear colleagues:

I have the below issue.  I know that it is not a new one, but I wanted your input to make sure I wasn't missing some other obvious, easy resolution to the below:

The problem as described by a faculty member of mine:
I give online quizzes to my students. Some have taken it already and it seems to work fine. However I have a question. Can I change the structure of a quiz after I published it? Let me explain . . . I'm checking the statistics for the answers and it looks like one of the questions might have a series of answers that might be misleading for the students. Could I change that question so that both the correct answer and the one that the students are selecting more often, became correct? Would the system recalculate the score accordingly also for all the students that have taken the quiz already? I have two large classes and it's not practical going through the results for ~ 600 students and check who got it right or wrong. I hope I explained it well.

Now, I think I know what happens.  I'm know that Scholar does NOT allow any changes to be made to a published test or quiz, therefore regrading or recalculating scores of a published quiz is not even possible--a moot point.   

Therefore, if a faculty member needed to make this kind of adjustment, there really only are 2, maybe 3 options:

Option 1: S/he will essentially need to make a score adjustment per each student within "Scores" after the fact, OR

Option 2: S/he can Retract (not Remove) the existing quiz and then publish a new one with the corrected question and answer. With the old quiz, s/he can make manual score adjustments only for those who have already taken the exam.  All subsequent takers will automatically be taking the new quiz which grades as intended.  A drawback of this method is that you will end up with two columns in the Gradebook, but s/he can use MS Excel to merge those scores into one, if needed.  OR

Option 3: "Throw out that question!" S/he allows everyone to take the quiz as is.  Once done, the faculty member could export the quiz scores, open it in Excel and either add or deduct n points and import that back into the Gradebook for display and inclusion in course calculations.

But which is the BEST practical method?  I hate to mention this, but Blackboard would allow for the modification and re-scoring of an already published test or quiz ... whether that is fair or not is another question ... but it is a feature faculty want.  Does this functionality for Tests & Quizzes change in 2.6, 2.7, or Sakai 3? 

In all, I'm hoping there is yet another solution to my above problem and that someone would be happy to share it with me!

Amber D. Evans

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