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[sakai-dev] Fwd: Need recommendations for latest stable Sakai version

Please see below for a question about upgrading from 2.8.3  , and my response. Mohsin welcomes other response and comments.


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From: Neal Caidin <[hidden email]>
Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Need recommendations for latest stable Sakai version
To: Mohsin Raja <[hidden email]>

Hi Mohsin,

I will provide some general thoughts with the caveat that I don't know you, your team and your environment very well so it might be hard to give specific recommendations.

At a high level, I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of Sakai 11.  At the moment, the community supported release is 11.4 , however many important bug fixes have been made in 11.x (the maintenance branch). I would recommend either taking 11.4 and applying specific patches from the 11.x branch, OR upgrading directly to the maintenance branch (though there are pluses and minuses to this, which I can delve into more), OR you could volunteer QA resources for the community to get out an 11.5, and I would help you with that and see if there is an interest in an 11.5 release so that others would join in this effort This could be a benefit to the community and to your efforts. We could certainly discuss the pros and cons of this as well.

Sakai 12 is too early to consider, though the skin for Sakai 12 is even more beautiful and functional than Sakai 11 , and the UI is a bit more consistent and responsive (mobile improvements).  Sakai 12 is likely to be released in February or March of this year (within a month, or two at most, I anticipate). If you wanted a long term plan (over a year in advance) then you might want to consider Sakai 12 because that will get you to the latest and greatest and what will be the best supported.

As far as Turnitin goes, have you read these updates?

Does that help? 

If not, I would recommend talking to University of Western Ontario UWO) and maybe  also Oxford. I can introduce you virtually.  Actually, there is a [hidden email] email group and that would be the BEST place to ask. 

Going from 2.8 to Sakai 11 is a huge jump, that's over 5 years worth of changes to the system, which is considerable.  The biggest jump is from Sakai 10 to Sakai 11 because we added mobile support (responsive design) and removed iFrames. You could jump to Sakai 10, I suppose, but the level of community support for 10 is minimal at this point, due to the pending release of Sakai 12 and because of the huge changes between Sakai 10 and Sakai 11. 

 I don't think it is possible to perform an upgrade "without challenges". Do you think you might need external resources to help with the move (like a Sakai Commercial affiliate or experienced Sakai developer/admin?)? Just asking since I am not that familiar with your team, as I mentioned.

HTH as a starting point. Happy to provide a few more specifics. I'm not qualified directly to answer your Turnitin questions which is why I mentioned those other options.

P.S I would like to share this information on [hidden email] with your permission. Getting input from the community is better than just getting it from me. I do zero upgrades myself since I don't represent an actual educational institution, just the coordinator, Though I'm happy to discuss further. I hope that makes sense?


P.S, We could further discuss by Skype or BigBlueButton if you like. 

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 8:47 AM, Mohsin Raja <[hidden email]> wrote:
Dear Neal,

Greetings. Hope you are doing great. I am writing to you in reference of Sakai recommendations. Currently we are on Sakai version 2.8.3 and we wish to upgrade it to the latest version of Sakai. Could you please share your feedback on following?:
  1. We tried to upgrade version 2.8.3 to version 11.2 but found issues in Turnitin. Therefore we reverted back to 2.8.3 because of challenges faced with Turnitin in version 11.2. Any comments on it please.
  2. What are your recommendations about the stable version of Sakai to which we can move from version 2.8.3 keeping latest possible version in mind without challenges?
  3. What is the wise option for a recommended version of Sakai which is stable for Turnitin with Sakora CSV available?

Your wise response and recommendations to this will highly be appreciated Sir. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you in advance. :)

Mohsin Raja
Senior Oracle Consultant
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Tel: + 92 300 461 2922

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