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[sakai-dev] Question for Accessibility Testing Re: Gradebook

Hi all, and especially folks from NYU,

In the accessibility testing with Level Access, the first round testing included analysis of the Dashboard page.  Dashboard has since been removed, and for the regression test, Level Access has kindly agreed to replace the missing Dashboard test with a different page.

The pages proposed were either Gradebook (main page with the grades) or the Tests & Quizzes Total Scores page.  It is my understanding that Gradebook  was not included in the first round testing because NYU was testing it for accessibility locally.  Is this the case for Sakai 12?  I am aware of one current accessibility jira for Gradebook (SAK-33814).

Ultimately, my question for the community is: which of the two pages (Gradebook or Tests & Quizzes Total Scores) would be preferred to include in the test?  Please let me know if you have a preference as soon as possible so I can let Level Access know!


Tiffany Stull

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