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Hi Gregory,

I'd like to suggest that you look into Warpwire (https://www.warpwire.com).  It beautifully integrates with Sakai and has many, many more features that facilitate student video responses and more.  It is a beautiful way to manage video within Sakai.

Martin Ramsay
LAMP Consortium

On Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 12:57:04 PM UTC-5, guthrie wrote:

One of our faculty coordinators wants us to switch to Canvas from Sakai, because many of the users (faculty in their department) like that UI better (“less clicks for common tasks”), and because Canvas support a way for students to easily record video responses and submissions on a phone and submit or upload them.


They did not find any similar capability in Sakai, although saving it on the phone, and then starting a separate upload process for an assignment or forum response is possible, they find that awkward.


I wonder if others have encountered a similar use-case, and if there are any current or planned features to support it?


Thanks.  (TIA…)



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