[sakai-dev] Reminder: Accessibility WG Teleconference TODAY Wed Dec 13 16:00:00 EDT [a11y]

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[sakai-dev] Reminder: Accessibility WG Teleconference TODAY Wed Dec 13 16:00:00 EDT [a11y]

Sakai Accessibility Working Group Conference Calls

The next meeting time is Wed Dec 13 16:00:00 EST, 2017 ( Wed Dec 13 21:00:00 GMT, 2017 - Convert to your time )

Friends and soon-to-be-friends welcome. We always need people to help and we need people to hear us too.

We are using Big Blue Button http://apereo.blindsidenetworks.net/ Choose “Apereo Room 4”, enter your name and use the password “apereo”.

Add the next meeting directly to your calendar at http://mattclare.ca/a11y/next_sawg.php.


Our Agenda/Etherpad is at SAWG-Dec-13-2017

Here's a summary of what we intend to look at, you're welcome to add other items to the Etherpad:

Modernizing and improving the Sakai Forums tool - accessibility issues and wants for updates, suggested solutions for issues

Minutes from the previous meeting can be found at SAWG-Nov-15-2017

Here's a list of issues that we're tracking: Accessibility jiras

If you can't make this call, please mark your calendar for the following meeting time of Wed Dec 27 16:00:00 EST, 2017 ( Wed Dec 27 21:00:00 GMT, 2017 )

Tiffany Stull

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