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[sakai-dev] Sakai 12, Lessons and LTI

Hi all, I’ve created a Sakai 12 instance and am starting to evaluate upgrading from an old Sakai release.  I believe I’ve run through all the necessary database conversion scripts but after starting the Sakai 12 instance and trying to access the Lessons tool, I get the following:


org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [SELECT lti_tools.id AS id, lti_tools.version AS version, lti_tools.SITE_ID AS SITE_ID, lti_tools.title AS title, lti_tools.allowtitle AS allowtitle, lti_tools.fa_icon AS fa_icon, lti_tools.pagetitle AS pagetitle, lti_tools.allowpagetitle AS allowpagetitle, lti_tools.description AS description, lti_tools.status AS status, lti_tools.visible AS visible, lti_tools.resource_handler AS resource_handler, lti_tools.deployment_id AS deployment_id, lti_tools.launch AS launch, lti_tools.allowlaunch AS allowlaunch, lti_tools.consumerkey AS consumerkey, lti_tools.allowconsumerkey AS allowconsumerkey, lti_tools.secret AS secret, lti_tools.allowsecret AS allowsecret, lti_tools.frameheight AS frameheight, lti_tools.allowframeheight AS allowframeheight, lti_tools.siteinfoconfig AS siteinfoconfig, lti_tools.sendname AS sendname, lti_tools.sendemailaddr AS sendemailaddr, lti_tools.allowoutcomes AS allowoutcomes, lti_tools.allowroster AS allowroster, lti_tools.allowsettings AS allowsettings, lti_tools.pl_launch AS pl_launch, lti_tools.pl_linkselection AS pl_linkselection, lti_tools.pl_contenteditor AS pl_contenteditor, lti_tools.pl_importitem AS pl_importitem, lti_tools.pl_fileitem AS pl_fileitem, lti_tools.pl_assessmentselection AS pl_assessmentselection, lti_tools.newpage AS newpage, lti_tools.debug AS debug, lti_tools.custom AS custom, lti_tools.settings AS settings, lti_tools.parameter AS parameter, lti_tools.tool_proxy_binding AS tool_proxy_binding, lti_tools.allowcustom AS allowcustom, lti_tools.xmlimport AS xmlimport, lti_tools.splash AS splash, lti_tools.created_at AS created_at, lti_tools.updated_at AS updated_at, COUNT(DISTINCT lti_content.id) AS lti_content_count, COUNT(DISTINCT lti_content.SITE_ID) AS lti_site_count FROM lti_tools LEFT OUTER JOIN lti_content ON lti_content.tool_id = lti_tools.id WHERE  (lti_tools.SITE_ID = ? OR (lti_tools.SITE_ID IS NULL AND lti_tools.visible != 1 ) )  AND (lti_tools.pl_importitem = 1)  GROUP BY lti_tools.id ORDER BY lti_tools.id]; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'lti_tools.siteinfoconfig' in 'field list'

               at org.springframework.jdbc.support.SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator.doTranslate(SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator.java:231), etc., etc.


Sure enough, lti_tools table has no column named siteinfoconfig, but in searching for a DB script that would have added this, I’m coming up dry.  I suspect that SAK-32440 may have something to do with it but don’t see any script(s) specific to that.


Any ideas?




Dave Hearn

Sr. Software Engineer

Edtell, LLC


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