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[sakai-dev] Sakai Core Team Web Conf, Tuesday, 2017-12-19, 10:00EST (15:00GMT)

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Room 4

pw apereo

To join this meeting by phone, dial:

  • (352) 327-4267
  • (855) 215-5935 (United States toll-free)
  • Then enter 28875 as the conference pin number.

10:00 am Eastern (U.S.A.)

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Etherpad notes:


The Sakai Core team call is open to the community. Please feel free to suggest agenda items by posting directly on the Etherpad. If you suggest an item please consider attending the meeting, as your issues is more likely to get attention. Often follow up and clarifying discussions are necessary and your presence is valuable. Putting your name next to your proposed agenda item could be helpful as well.

issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1575] Login redirect fails when using session clusteringJonas Eriksson11.5, 12.0, 13.0
[KNL-1577] Add easy method to remap user and clear relevant cachesSam Ottenhoff
[SAK-33714] Feature: Gradebook table should be exportable "as you see it"Matthew Jones12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33715] Use webjar for handsontableMatthew Jones12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33716] Peer assignment grading: Instructor grading is disabled until after the review period: {0}Sam Ottenhoff
[SAK-33717] Bulk edit syllabus has an extra set of checkboxesAndrea Schmidt13.0
[SAK-33720] Try again to join a section of the same categoryJesus Maria Mendez11.4, 12.0
[SAK-33722] Hitting Enter Key when renaming a page or tool loses changesNeal Caidin12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33723] Content Review refactorEarle R Nietzel
[SAK-33725] CK Editor Accessibility checker not deploying on local buildNeal Caidin13.0
[SAK-33726] View Columns button dropdown menu disappears when using browser's up/down scrollbarLaura Cira11.4, 12.0
[SAK-33727] Insert/Edit Movie doesn't play in CKeditorUddeshya12.0
[SAK-33730] Add flexibility to the external help configurationJonas Eriksson11.5, 12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33731] Internal error page when click "View Connections"Jesus Maria Mendez12.0
[SAK-33732] Error in time while modifying an event with timeslotsJesus Maria Mendez12.0
[SAK-33733] Syllabus tool Edit screen disappearsUddeshya12.0
[SAK-33734] Title Overlaps with the Title Name in Syllabus toolUddeshya12.0
[SAK-33735] Adding Back button at the bottom of Send to printer pageJesus Maria Mendez12.0
[SAK-33736] Options not visible in CKeditor of Syllabus tool Uddeshya12.0
[SAK-33738] Sorting Ascending by Columns Causes Null Values to Appear Before 0'sKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33739] Column header sort arrows aren't actually clickableKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33740] "View Columns" menu - issues with showing / hiding categoriesKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33741] Category colors do not display immediately after enabling Categories / Categories & Weighting - must reset toolKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33742] Apply new keyboard reordering capabilities (from Sites > Organize Favorites) to GBNG "Item Order" lightboxKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33743] When item is not included in grade calculations, do not allow corresponding category / course grade cells to flash greenKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33744] Apply keyboard navigation to GB column headersKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33745] GB Table Internationalization - throw error when applying a comma / period that does not match with the localeKyle Blythe12.0
[SAK-33746] Gradebook course grade override by percentChristina Schwiebert12.0
[SAK-33747] Syllabus notification option missingChristina Schwiebert12.0
[SAK-33748] Peer revision screen is brokenBernardo Garcia Vila13.0
[SAK-33749] Bulk file Upload All: CSRF Token mismatchedDavid Horwitz
[SAK-33752] Forum email announcements link to wrong placeGregory Guthrie
[SAK-33753] Properties to go live with Sakai 13Matthew Jones13.0
[SAK-33754] Peer review settings not keptAndrea Schmidt
[SAK-33755] Posting assignment due date to calendar does not add it to the weekly viewAndrea Schmidt11.5, 13.0
[SAK-33756] Students receive message they cannot submit if accept until date has passed even though resubmission date is laterAndrea Schmidt13.0
[SAK-33757] Instructor cannot grade a "peer assessment" submission after student review periodJose Cebellán (Entornos de Formación)11.5, 12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33758] PA System / popup preview does not workDerek Ramsey11.4, 12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33759] Syllabus calendar covers the text boxes in bulk edit making it impossible to remove datesAndrea Schmidt13.0
[SAK-33760] Formatting of dates is bold on first item added, then plain when other items are addedNeal Caidin13.0
[SAM-3327] Student can navigate through assessment after due dateBernardo Garcia Vila13.0
[SAM-3328] Chrome console errors when selecting true/false question in author quizAndrea Schmidt13.0

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1576] AntiSamy allow h5p.orgSam Ottenhoff13.0
[SAK-29172] Empty subfolders are not included in zip files created by ResourcesDaniel Merino Echeverría13.0
[SAK-31796] Clean up instances of e.printStackTrace in the rest of SakaiJose Cebellán (Entornos de Formación)12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33496] User.get...Time deprecatedDavid Horwitz13.0
[SAK-33585] scheduledInvocationManager.createDelayedInvocation => InstantDavid Horwitz13.0
[SAK-33617] Content-review-impl Urkund : Include OptOutUrlFrancisco Saez13.0
[SAK-33657] Student can't resubmit after saving submission as draftAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33672] Make customizable the default value for notify options in resourcesJuan Arcadio Martinez Carceles12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33685] Syllabus icons are not able to be clickedMatthew Jones12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33686] Syllabus dates are squashed togetherAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33693] Start and end dates in syllabus edit should be able to be nullableMatthew Jones13.0
[SAK-33694] Grading assignment, group members need comma and space between membersAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33706] Anonymous assignment has students ordered by nameAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33707] All Purpose Item - date checkboxes are disabledAndrea Schmidt13.0
[SAK-33718] Peer assignment doesn't open for the reviewerAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33719] Bulk file download - NullPointer getDateSubmittedDavid Horwitz12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33724] Disable bullhorns by default for the Sakai 12.0 releaseNeal Caidin12.0
[SAK-33728] Stack trace when trying to set user preference - languageMiguel Pellicer12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33729] Attachments not included in zip downloadAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33737] Grading assignment, group members should have their user id after their nameAndrea Schmidt12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33750] Update Spanish Translations Master/12x Branch - Dec'17Core Team13.0
[SAM-3120] Students can take test even after the instructor has clicked "stop accepting now" Sam Ottenhoff12.0, 13.0
[SAM-3325] update SAM_ITEMGRADING_T multiplies as user progresses through long assessmentSam Ottenhoff13.0
[SAM-3329] Missing key extended_time_retract_earlier_than_dueSam Ottenhoff12.0, 13.0

Active committers to master in past week

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