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[sakai-dev] Sakai Core Team Web Conf, Tuesday, 2018-02-13, 10:00EST (15:00GMT)

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Room 4

pw apereo

To join this meeting by phone, dial:

  • (352) 327-4267
  • (855) 215-5935 (United States toll-free)
  • Then enter 28875 as the conference pin number.

10:00 am Eastern (U.S.A.)

Find your time zone:


Etherpad notes:


The Sakai Core team call is open to the community. Please feel free to suggest agenda items by posting directly on the Etherpad. If you suggest an item please consider attending the meeting, as your issues is more likely to get attention. Often follow up and clarifying discussions are necessary and your presence is valuable. Putting your name next to your proposed agenda item could be helpful as well.

issuesinlastsevendays (Sakai)

[LSNBLDR-935] Total Grade Points while grading the questions being misalignedVivek Vellaiyappan S11.4, 12.0
[LSNBLDR-936] Drop down arrow symbol not shown in 'View Dates' of forumVivek Vellaiyappan S11.4, 12.0
[LSNBLDR-937] Lessons Add Content should tell the user if they can't unselect "Open item in a new window"Matthew Jones11.5, 12.0
[LSNBLDR-938] Issues with 'Add Resources Folder' in lessons tool - Automatic File Download, Inability to select multiple files & Entire folder selectionVivek Vellaiyappan S12.0
[LSNBLDR-939] Clarify language on Lessons Common Cartridge export dialogTrisha Gordon12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33899] Site Preferences and Import Site by Courses ListBenjamin Rappleyea11.4, 12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33901] Add scrollbars in grades table (11.x)Jose Cebellán (Entornos de Formación)11.5
[SAK-33904] Syllabus calendar icon does not add item to calendar even if start and end dates are specified Kristine Towne12.0
[SAK-33905] assignments, samigo, forums: Feature Request: Support for Multiple simultaneous gradersTiffany Stull11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5, 12.0, 12.1, 13.0
[SAK-33906] Problem with line breaks and double quotation marks in info icon of resourceJoaquín Marqués Alós13.0
[SAK-33907] can't search by id in rosterCharles Hedrick11.4, 12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33908] No Instructor List for sharing Question PoolPrabhleen Kaur12.1
[SAK-33909] Delete Button for Question poolPrabhleen Kaur12.1
[SAK-33912] Update conversion script (or code) for changed column sizesMatthew Jones
[SAK-33913] Problem with assignment conversion jobJuan José Meroño Sánchez12.0

issuesfixedinpastsevendays (Sakai)

[KNL-1583] Move Hibernate SessionFactory to JPA EntityManagerEarle R Nietzel13.0
[LSNBLDR-928] Fix ContentItem Support in LessonsCharles Severance12.0, 13.0
[LSNBLDR-930] Lessons Title is in half visibility when opened in print viewJesus Maria Mendez13.0
[LSNBLDR-940] NPE protection for missing comments section on student pageBrian Jones13.0
[SAK-33467] Let letter grade values be editableSteve Swinsburg13.0
[SAK-33469] Allow new Letter Grade/Minimum % rows to be added to the grading schemaSteve Swinsburg13.0
[SAK-33470] Allow Letter Grade/Minimum % rows to be removed from the grading schema Steve Swinsburg13.0
[SAK-33850] Site creation issue when switching from "Create site from archive" to "Build your own site"Core Team13.0
[SAK-33863] Gradebook Classic does not display item's class average when grades are set to display as percentageUnassigned13.0
[SAK-33864] GBNG: Improve performance of Gradebook Import processBrian Jones13.0
[SAK-33876] Urkund: Missing exempt URL in the student's viewMiguel Pellicer13.0
[SAK-33878] Adding a grading schema entry with the same letter value as an existing one throws a stacktraceSteve Swinsburg13.0
[SAK-33882] Assignment Conversion xml parser increase limitsEarle R Nietzel12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33886] Attachments on Peer Review not showing in Grading processMiguel Pellicer12.0, 13.0
[SAK-33897] Restore + symbols in folders (regression)Eduardo Rey Jara13.0
[SAK-33898] Expose support for SHA-256 in Sakai's UICharles Severance13.0
[SAK-33902] Update image2 plugin, convert to webjarMatthew Jones13.0
[SAK-33903] Create and "oss-parent" for SakaiMatthew Jones13.0
[SAK-33910] Add Rubrics default permissions to 12.x migration scriptsBernardo Garcia Vila13.0
[SAM-3264] Copy to Pool for imported essay question not workingMiguel Pellicer13.0

Active committers to master in past week

Count is not a metric of quality! This is a simple look at community activity.


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