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[sakai-dev] [sakai-all] Sakai 12.0 forecasted schedule

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Dear Community,

The current schedule for Sakai 12.0 is to complete it by the end of February. Still slightly a stretch goal given some outstanding issues, but feasible.

The remaining forecast schedule is:

* Sakai 12.0-RC02  (second release candidate) is anticipated by the end of this week.
* Sakai 12.0-RC03 (third release candidate, which we definitely will need) planned for week of February 20 
* Sakai 12.0 GA (GA stands for general availability and denotes a community supported release) - forecast for February 28

After Sakai 12.0 is released, we anticipate immediately starting work on a maintenance release, 12.1, which we forecast for the end of April.

There is still a lot to do to get the 12.0 release out including:

* QA testing - at the moment focused on Samigo Test and Quizzes, Assignments, and LTI, as wells as verifying blocker priority Jiras which are getting fixed by developers and need verification before being merged into the 12 branch. 
* Help documentation - work being done on a new data migration process due to changes in Screensteps functionality (Screensteps removed the html export feature which we had depended on for our technical process to get the help files moved into Sakai). Also a considerable amount of work is needed to get help documentation content completed.
* Blocker priority issues - still a few of these outstanding [1]

If you can help with QA testing and/or with Help documentation (content) it will help the release both from a schedule and a quality perspective.

Thanks for your attention.

[1] List of blocker issues for 12 (please note that about 1/2 of these issues are administrative, not functionality) - https://jira.sakaiproject.org/issues/?filter=16183

On behalf of the hard-working worldwide community of developers, qa testers, documentation writers, and more.

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