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[sakai-production] Fwd: Sakai Integration with SIS


I would like to ask the community if anyone have encountered the same issue?

Currently we are using Sakai 10.4 integrated with Student information system. all the enrollment and courses related information is extracted from the system, Sites are created on LMS according to that information. On Sakai (LMS)we are keeping course sites for all terms in instructor's profiles; instructors and students can access their 4-5 years old sites.

We have encountered a very strange behavior with Sakai integration, i can explain that in steps for more clarity.

currently term 1701 ( Fall semester ) is in progress, the information for students enrollments and Instructors has been fed into SIS and then through integration pulled into Sakai (LMS), everything was working fine until planning for next term started i-e 1702 (spring semester). when the SIS is uploaded with the instructor's and courses data for 1702, all the instructors with courses having same offering in 1702 as of 1701, those courses disappeared from instructor profile in 1701.

Is it the default behavior or Sakai Integration?  Can anyone help in this regard if they have encountered the same issue and how it can be resolved?


Afshan Shahzad

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