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[sakai-production] [sakai-all] Friday, September 29 deadline - Sakai VC presentation proposals due!

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Time flies! The call for proposals for the Sakai Virtual Conference 2017 is open until September 29th, this Friday!

Don’t wait! Submit your proposal today!

Not sure what’s involved in submitting a proposal? Check out our new FAQ , frequently asked questions for proposal submissions.

The Sakai Virtual Conference is an exciting opportunity to share best practices in teaching and learning with your peers in the Sakai community. This conference is all about YOU – your success stories and your amazing work. We encourage you to submit your proposal in any of the following categories.

  • Faculty Course Showcase - Demonstrate exemplary instructional strategies and course design by showcasing your course.

  • Instructional Design/Support - How do you support your end users?  Share best practices for instructional design, training, and professional development at your institution.

  • Effective or Innovative Practice - Are you using Sakai in a unique or uniquely effective way? For example, are you using Sakai in creative ways to support pedagogy or accessibility? Show us your effective or innovative practice!

  • Learning Analytics - How are you using Learning Analytics in conjunction with your Sakai LMS to promote institutional objectives? Have you implemented a dashboard or student intervention success plan, Learning Records Store, xAPI, etc.?

  • Technical Session - Do you have a topic that would be of interest to Sakai developers or IT staff? Would you like to demo new features or upcoming functionality in Sakai? Present on a technical topic "under the hood" of Sakai.

  • Birds of a Feather - Lead an informal/unstructured online discussion about a topic of your choice.

  • Lightning Talks - Do you have a project or perspective you'd like to share? Maybe you have an idea to improve Sakai that you’d like to promote? Lightning talks are 5 minute presentations which will be combined into an exciting and fast-paced conference session.  

The Sakai Virtual Conference will be held completely online on Tuesday, November 14th http://virtconf.apereo.org

We look forward to your proposal!


Help us get the word out! Please forward this announcement to other message outlets on your campus or even outside of the Sakai community where appropriate.


Neal Caidin, Sakai Community Coordinator, Apereo Foundation

Wilma Hodges, Sakai Virtual Conference 2017 Planning Committee Chair

Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation

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