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[sakai-production] [sakai-all] Sakai 12 schedule update


The Sakai core team has reached consensus in meetings (but not fully communicated to lists) for the following high level revised Sakai 12 schedule:

New Schedule

Q2 2017 - Cut Branch (After Open Apereo June)

Q3 2017 - Release 12.0 (Late September)

Q4 2017 - 12.1 (November before Thanksgiving)

Q1 2018 - 12.2 (February/March after Sakai Camp)


* We have not cut the branch yet due to a number of reasons. There is no realistic way to adhere to our original target dates. (happy to provide details of why the branch has not been cut, upon request. "on list" is fine. Just trying to keep this email from getting TL;DR).

Benefits of new Schedule
  • More high-demand features are likely to get into Sakai 12 including Rubrics, NYU skin improvements, Morpheus (mobile) improvements, Accessibility (Ra11y plan) Improvements,  Tagging and perhaps other features as well.
  • An experiment to see if this is a better rhythm for a regular and predictable release timeframe that may make it easier for summer (Northern Hemisphere; aka May/June/July) adoptions. 
Sakai 11 branch
  • Sakai 11.4 planned for pre-Open Apereo release
  • Likely some feature backports from 12, if not in 11.4 then in an 11.5 release. 
  • Samigo Extended Delivery feature is in 12, but has not been tested thoroughly enough yet, and is not easy to backport to 11. Seems likely to be backported but timing may mean that it does not make 11.4 . 
  • Turnitin integration plans have not changed to my knowledge, since last update. Western continues to work on the LTI integration for their local Sakai 11 upgrade this summer, then will focus on porting to Sakai master.  More details upon request.

Feedback or comments?
The Sakai-all list is an announcements only list. To provide feedback, please email either [hidden email] or [hidden email] .

P.S. Thanks Matt Jones for the bulk of the content in this email

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