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[sakai-production] [sakai-all] SakaiCamp pre-holiday reminder

Hi Sakai all,

Pre-Holidays reminder! 

We have 17 dedicated Sakaigers signed up. Most are repeats from last year meaning we will have great "institutional memory" to make this year's get together as successful as last year's (well, technically next year's as effective as this year's was).

Free (no registration cost)


Hotel registration link is also on the Eventbrite page.

SakaiCamp will be held in Orlando, Florida again this year.  

January 21 - 25, Saturday - Wednesday 

January 21, Saturday - travel day and/or possible social activities
January 22, Sunday - team building
January 23, Monday - meetings
January 24, Tuesday - meetings
January 25, Wednesday - travel day

Unconference - attendees will decide what topics to discuss. We've started brainstorming in advance, but will decide when we are there [1]. 

What is SakaiCamp?
SakaiCamp is an informal gathering that is focused solely on Sakai. The people who show up decide on the topics of discussion. Attending we get a nice mix of developers, instructional designers, managers, etc. And we have break out sessions so that developers can talk tech and users can talk function. And we all come together in full group debriefs and discussions.

The outcome of the last SakaiCamp was a big push on Sakai 11 which as you know has been very successful, a reinvigorated QA group, a new Marketing group, Apereo Tsugi discussions, and some exploration of NGDLE (Next Generation Digital Learning Environment) and how it relates to Sakai. And even more. Plus a great time. 

We hope you will join us this year!  Space is limited but still spots available.

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